{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement


{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement


{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement

{Courtney and Joe} Engagement


Here they are, the very big boxes for our pies and cakes, as well as our cake pans to bake 12″ cakes with. Hopefully baking and selling goes well! We got fantastic deals on them. The cake pans are professional grade, we bought them for $6.99 a pan when you buy 6 (not bad considering they are usually $20 a pan)! Check them out below! 

Professional Grade...

Professional Grade...


Large 12" Cake/Pie Boxes

Large 12

Our Offerings…

Here are our pies we are going to sell this season! They will be in our display case, as well as for sale by-the-slice. We shall see how they sell…

We will also have brownies, cookies, banana and cranberry nut bread, and maybe pumpkin spice rolls for sale as well. There will be a five day order timeline and pick up must be after 4pm. We have a order form and a schedule to keep things organized! It’s been busy, so we shall see what we can keep up with!!


Holiday Bake List

Today, our pie pans were delivered by the friendly FedEx man. Very exciting! This means that we can start baking to order for the holiday season. That’s a stack of 125 pans. Large 12″ size! May the baking begin!!!Huge 12" pie pans

Another glorious day!

Today like many, we end the day with a feeling of great accomplishment. Although this may seem like silly meaningless tasks, to us it is life. The days tasks and feats follow:

From scratch we baked: a fantastic pecan pie, a beautiful apple pie, and a scrumptious pumpkin pie

4 loaves of extraordinary cranberry-nut bread (the best EVER) (new cake pan’s are to-die-for)

17 pie dough/crusts (Not easy on a day off)

Baked brownies

Baked cookies

Brewed both teas

Washed a ridiculous number of dishes

Sold 12 pots of piping hot coffee

Swept and mopped our main room

Went to the grocery store to buy apples n’ such

Set up our Sam’s click n’ pull order online for tomorrow’s pickup

Finished our baked goods order form

Finished our baked goods poster w/descriptions

Ordered boxes for our pies

Ordered a new laser printer cartridge

Cleaned our espresso machine

Cleaned our grill

Prepped, served, cleaned up lunch

Served hundreds of coffee drinks

Sold 13 slices of pie

Stocked sodas

Had a dark peppermint latte. Very Good

Baked a spaghetti casserole in our dutch oven that had sausage, penne, black olives, onions, mozzarella! Dinner for the next few days! Twas very good!

Watched some of ‘Bringing up Baby’ for the third time.

And are ready for sleepy time.

Maybe we will take some hot tea home to drink in our icebox house!!

so. tired.

Frick. We are so bloody tired. Honestly, I’m tired of being tired. Frankly. Even getting to bed early doesn’t seem to be helping. Oh, well.

On the brighter side:
We were pretty busy yesterday.
Someone just came in a minute ago and asked for a big sweet tea. Ewww.
The Mennonites are mad at us for closing early.
We sold several shirts. People seem to like them.
Going to Sam’s last night was fun.
The old men’s group was mad because there coffee was not ready a half hour early.
Muffin’s not so exciting. Banana bread still selling like hot cakes.
Haven’t had anyone ask for hot cakes lately…

Another new thing.

We finally broke down and joined the YMCA. We need to excersise, and it is super tough to make that happen with no equipment etc…

So, for the next few months (because all we could afford was three) we will be busting it out at the gym a few days a week. Yes, we will be committed to this operation. Tired is not an answer. Besides now that we will only work 80 hours a week we should have plenty of energy and time to throw to the wind!!! Wish us luck.